There is a new feature coming with the new microcode 80-03-31-00 or later for the HDS G1000 . Its called „ALUA“ and if you need it you know it and have to update the Raidmanager CCI (raidcom….) to 1.35.03. Its aviable at the HDS-Portal. You need two command, play with it. Pairs must be SMPL

raidcom modify ldev -ldev_id 0x7000 -alua enable -ITC1 (that for both sides)
check via raidcom get ldev -ldev_id 0x7000  -ITC1 (ALUA: enable – line next to last)
raidcom modify lun -port CL1-H-2 -lun_id all -asymmetric_access_state non_optimized -ITC2 (only für non pref. path)

These could be important if you are in a environment without HDLM. Personal thank to „M“ for helping me understand and set these commands.

Hitachi GAD with ALUA – Hint

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